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60 years in the Making

Join us for our "Diamond Anniversary" Customer Appreciation Celebration

Saturday, March 16 from 2-5pm



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  • Steve's Snappin' Dogs & Snappin' Ales | 2-5pm

  • Little Dragon Denver | 2-5pm

  • Regal Bakery & Café | 2-5pm

  • Bushmill Irish Whiskies | 2-4pm

  • Gentleman Jack - Offering Glass Engraving | 4-6pm

  • Woodford Reserve - Offering Glass Engraving | 4-6pm

  • Wander & Ivy Wines | 6-7pm

    Guinness 18pk Cans
    ​Tommyknocker Cocoa Porter 6pk Cans

    Dry Dock Coffee Porter 6pk Cans
    Coole Swan Irish Cream 750ml
    The Sexton Irish Whiskey 750ml
    Blarney Irish Cream 750ml

Mayfair Liquors’ 60th Year!

A Denver Diamond celebrates its DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY!

(article featured in The Mayfair Mirror - Spring 2019 edition)


The year was 1958 and Bud Noller, who’d grown up during the Great Depression and Prohibition, decided to take a chance on the winds of change, sell his small farm-town grocery in northwestern Illinois, and move his family to Denver, Colorado, in search of a better opportunity.  With his wife and three small children in tow, Bud headed west with an 8th grade education and a heaping amount of gall, guts, customer service experience and work ethic.  After a short stint in the landscaping business, he purchased a small, one-year-old liquor store - a “diamond in the rough” - on Kearney Street in Denver.  On St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 1959, Mayfair Liquors was born!


His goal was simple; own a business that he could operate alone to support his young family …and that’s exactly what he did.  Open to close, six days a week, Bud worked at his small liquor store until, three years later, he was able to afford to hire one employee to help out during the night shifts.  In 1974, he was forced to relocate, but was fortunate to find a location available diagonally across the street, on the northeast corner of 14th and Krameria in a strip mall. 


18 years after he’d acquired Mayfair Liquors, when Bud was ready to retire, he made his son Thom an offer to take over the family business.  The plan was for Thom to get on-the-job business operations training, then sell Mayfair Liquors and set up a different business of his choosing.


Thom started at Mayfair liquors in late August of 1977.  He has since admitted that the lure of learning about wine is what originally captured his interest in the beverage industry, along with the ability to work for himself.  He also found he really enjoyed serving the customers’ needs and decided that this business was worth staying… at least for a little while.  41 years later, Thom is still the proud owner and operator of Mayfair Liquors - which has been located at 1385 Krameria Street since 1991.


In the early days, working with his dad, Thom’s young, ambitious mind and fresh ideas helped his little business flourish. He recalls when “craft beer” culture began to blossom in Denver. “My brother lived across from one of the founders of Breckenridge Brewery.  He swung a deal with the guy to have us carry some bombers.”  From there, Thom would bring in beers like Pete’s Wicked Ale and Sam Adams, along with crafty imports like Samual Smith and Moosehead.  With his keen understanding of customer service and inventory control, and his older brother’s previous “re-working” of the Mayfair wine department to feature up-and-coming brands like Mondavi, Clos du Val and Beringer, he was able  to triple their business in his first five years.


With success, Thom  found an intrinsic desire to give back to his community.  Like his dad always said, “Take care of the people, and they’ll take care of you.”  Over the past 60 years, Mayfair has donated many thousands of dollars to local charities and schools.  For the past 13 years, the store has supported the Gateway Domestic Violence Services, a shelter for  abused women, children, men  and animals.  Additionally, Mayfair provides assistance to Denver Rescue Mission, Evergreen Christian Outreach, Rocky Mountain Food Bank, Invest in Kids, Denver Children’s Home, Brent’s Place, and most recently, STEP Denver - a support organization for men with addictions.  Because alcohol can often contribute to damaging and addictive life issues for individuals, Thom felt it necessary to take part in the assisting in the healing process of alcohol abusers.


Additionally, implementing initiatives like a cork recycling program, outfitting the store with efficient LED lighting, and reusing 6-pack beer holders was important to Thom’s green-conscious agenda, and has also endeared Mayfair to its local, environmentally-conscious community.  Offering delivery services through has opened Mayfair’s doors and deals to new customers and friends.  And maintaining competitive pricing and a friendly, educated sales team, while offering weekly department deals, along with free tastings, have made Mayfair the place to shop for exciting-and-new or tried-and-true libations.


To celebrate Mayfair’s 60th “Diamond Anniversary,” Thom and his team are hosting a  Customer Appreciation Celebration on March 16, 2019 from 2-5pm!  Games, giveaways, drinks and noshes will be enjoyed, and you are invited!