Craft Beer Selections

Mayfair Liquors has one of the best beer selections in Denver. We constantly strive to support Colorado Breweries and have a heavy local focus. With all the great Beer coming out Colorado why look anywhere else. That doesn’t mean that we won’t have your favorite domestic or imported brew. It just means that with our limited space we will always give a Colorado brewery a shot when we have room.

We are pleased to have strong relationships with most of the big and small breweries in Colorado. We get limited-release beers from Avery, Odell’s, Great Divide and many other breweries, including new up-and-coming guys like Denver Beer Company, Black Shirt Brewing and Prost. Below are just a few of our favorite Colorado Breweries. Come by to see all the great Colorado beers we sell…


Our love of Colorado Beer doesn’t mean that we don’t stock great beers from the rest of the country. You will find great beers from far and wide. We get special release beers from Firestone Walker, Boulevard Brewing and many more. We even get beer from Russian River Brewing including… wait for it… Pliny the Elder.

Leaving the country we sell all the major brands you are looking for. We also have a great selection of harder to find smaller production beers including some of the best Belgian sours, Trappist ales and more. We sold Chimay before they became cool, we love our sours from Rodenbach and can’t get enough Rochefort. If the last sentence didn’t make sense to you please come by and talk to our beer expert; we will have you leaving with some great new styles of beer you’ve never heard of and will love.